Karim Zaza

"I would get a response by phone, where I was called back within the hour if they had not picked up the call straight away"

4YourHome.es made my property purchase easy and convenient

It was an on-line advertisement for flats in Fuengirola, Spain which made Karim Zaza get in touch with 4YourHome.es. Since the flat needed to be viewed, Karim Zaza sent his better half to Spain: ”My wife flew down to Fuengirola to see the flat. She felt it was charming and so we decided to say ’Yes please’ to it.”

”She talked positively about 4YourHome.es. They had agreed upon a place to meet, down on the beach and they were there on time. After this they drove to the flat together, showed her around and then took her back to the same place where they had picked her up. They told her to just get in touch if she had any more questions and they would be available to answer more or less 24/7. The service was really very good,” says Karim Zaza about his wife’s experience of the viewing.

4YourHome.es did everything

If you choose to buy a property abroad there are some formalities which have to be completed. This can be a jungle in which it is hard to find your way around even with a good guide.

”4YourHome.es have helped with everything which needed helping with, for example transfer of ownership of the property. Overall I didn’t have to do much other than send a signature on the papers which were sent to me,” says Karim Zaza, and he went into the formalities in more detail:
”Contact was made with a lawyer. They also talked to the local authorities. These were the sort of things which 4YourHome.es took care of.”

I got a quick response

Karim Zaza’s contact with 4YourHome.es was by telephone or email, which in no way made the process slower.

He says: ”Let me put it this way- I would get a response by phone, where I was called back within the hour if they had not picked up the call straight away. If I sent an email I would receive a reply the same day.”

Many questions can arise in a property transaction regardless of whether this is at home or abroad. Karim Zaza knows all about this: “As the purchaser you will naturally have questions, and there is nothing worse than if you have doubts about something, and you don’t really get an answer, because then you may end up getting the wrong story. If you get things clarified then you have peace of mind. This is what it was like for me. ”

I would highly recommend them

”To start with the flat in Fuengirola is for our own use. We may well consider renting it out since we will of course not be living there all the time,” says Karim Zaza and he ends with the words: I can highly recommend 4YourHome.es to people who are considering whether to buy a property in Spain.”

Karim Zaza