Why should you work with me?

Before you get my answer to that question, check out what my clients say about working with me 

The most important thing you need to know is that I’m very well-known for my high standards. When it comes to my customers, I firmly believe in clear communication, trustworthiness and consistent action at all times.

As you probably noticed when perusing the testimonials, my clients love my level of communication and the ease of our cooperation. For me, it’s second-nature to commitment 110 percent with everyone I meet.

Want safety and peace of mind for your property on the Costa del Sol?

You will get that when you engage 4YOURHOME.

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Still curious?

I get that.

Just between you and me, it is a bit odd that a Dane should be your entry point to the Costa del Sol property market.

And to some extent, you’re just going to have to believe me when I tell you that I have grappled with the Spanish property market for years now – and I know how to tame the beast.

Here’s how to figure out if we are a good fit

  • You want personal attention and stellar service.
  • You want to find the perfect Spanish property – and you don’t want all of the headaches and concerns that go with it
  • You want to know that your property is in good hands when you’re not living there
  • You want to rent your property to the right holiday makers
  • You want someone you can trust to help you come to the right decisions when buying or selling
  • You want someone who knows how to add a personal, yet professional, touch and go that extra mile for you

This is me

Like many people, I moved to Spain for the sunshine and easy access to year-round outdoor exercise.

I chose Costa del Sol because the area just sang to me. I had to live here and I had to create a business here where I help others find the kind of peace of mind that I found.

Since I was a kid, I have worked with service and people in one way or another. From my job at a local gas station to my years as a general manager for a cleaning company in Denmark, I know how to interact with clients and deliver the kind of results that put smiles on their faces.

I love solving problems and getting things done ASAP. Which means that if there is something that needs doing in relation to your property, I will get it done for you.

Top that off with a genuine interest in delivering your dreams, and you know who I am.

Which areas of the Costa del Sol?

4YOURHOME spans Fuengirola to Marbella. Working with sales, purchases and rentals – all services are custom made to fit your needs and property desires.

And while there are many estate and property management agents in Marbella, I dare you to find one like mine.

Because I can’t help but want to exceed your expectations, I have added a few special services that are sure to take your experience above and beyond the normal levels you find in Spain.

One phone call away

As one of my clients, you never need to worry.

Whether you are away or you have holiday rental guests in your property on the Costa del Sol, I respond immediately to all calls and, just as importantly, I make things happen.

In return, all I ask is that you and I match in expectations. Namely that you really care about your property, whether you are buying, selling or looking for rentals.

There’s an easy way for you to find out if I’m as good as my virtual word – call me and let’s talk about making your Spanish dreams come true.


Management and Rentals
We care about your property & peace of mind

About me

Why 4YOURHOME.es and why did I start a Costa del Sol rental management company?

We all need a business but for me, it’s not just about having any old business.
It’s about a whole lot more…

Outstanding service

Born in 1975 in Denmark, I spent my first 16 years on the small island of Samsoe. From our early years, my brother and I helped farmers to cut and collect their crops. It was strenuous work. We soon grew up to understand how important it is to work hard and keep our customers happy.

At that time, I also helped summer holidaymakers at a gas station, where I gained quite a reputation for my personal, friendly service, always with a smile.

To this day, I continue to add value with that extra special touch.

It’s just the person I am: I love to see the smiles on people’s faces when I exceed their expectations.

And thanks to all my past customers, I am the loyal, service-driven property professional I am today.

Hi, I’m Mikael, owner and founder of 4YourHome.es

Sales experience

Then I built up a cleaning company, as their sales manager for several years. We specialized in cleaning the exteriors of buildings, always to the highest of standards.

I am still associated with the company as a consultant.

Like many people, I moved to Spain for the sunshine and easy access to year-round outdoor exercise.

Which areas of the Costa del Sol do I cover?

My estate & property management services span Fuengirola to Marbella.

There may be many ESTATE & property management agents in Marbella, but none like mine!

It’s clear that, despite the number of estate & property management agents on the Costa del Sol, there is definitely room for one more…

I love solving problems and getting things done ASAP!

Having lived in various rental properties here on the Costa del Sol, I know exactly how frustrating it can be when things go wrong. When, for example, you have water coming down from the apartment above, you call the management agent and…nothing happens.

One phone call is all it takes

My clients never need to worry. Whether you are away or you have holiday rental guests in your property on the Costa del Sol, I respond immediately to all calls and, as importantly, I make things happen.

I firmly believe that everything runs so much more smoothly when we respond to the FIRST PHONE CALL with ACTION.

That’s my goal.

All my clients believe in excellent service, not just making money

In fact, they have the same outlook and expectations as I do. They really care about their properties and it‘s as important to them as it is to me that their clients are happy.

Thanks for taking the time to find out about me and do contact me if you’re looking for a Costa del Sol property buying or management service with a difference.

Simply call me or email me and I’ll get straight back to you!